Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

Custom Stunning Shower Enclosures

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Custom Shower Door, Glass & Window Services in New Jersey | Call Us Today At (908) 838-6188

We Provide Services throughout , New Jersey. Free Estimates Are Readily Available!

We provide the very best in all phases of shower door services for all areas of , NJ.

Why settle for unattractive shower curtains lacking the durability of quality-constructed shower enclosures? Whether you need a frame or frameless design for a shower stall or bathtub enclosure, our flexibility gives you the freedom to create the bathroom shower enclosure system of your dreams. Each bathroom shower system we sell is built for beauty and performance, offering:

  • Bright anodized and custom powder-coated finishes
  • Precision-engineered components
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Steam-room and other custom-designed options

Also performing following custom jobs:

  • Window Replacements
  • Patio Doors
  • Table Tops
  • Glass Shelving
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Tub Enclosures
  • Cabinet Doors and Sidelights
  • Decorative Glass Accents
  • Heavy Plate Shower Doors
  • Safety Glass

And many more…

Custom Shower Enclosure Services in New Jersey

Katarina’s Shower Doors, Glass & Windows is the top service provider for the installation, replacement, of custom shower doors, custom mirror, and custom glass enclosures. We specialize in availing excellent residential and commercial shower door & bathroom enclosure services in New Jersey. Superior quality is the defining term for our products and services.

We have managed to win the trust of our customers by working with experts for all the custom designs. This way, we are able to deliver the products that you desire and make each of your shower moments superb!

We are detail-oriented and have an eye for only the exquisite designs and styles. Our workmanship is unrivaled, thanks to our many years of experience in the industry. With our products and services, you will be falling in love with your shower every day because it will have everything that you ever wanted in it.

Custom Shower Door & Bathtub Enclosure Installations

Are you looking to have a custom bathroom enclosure and shower door installation done in your residential or commercial property? If you are, then you should get in touch with Katarina’s Glass & Shower Doors.

We have a wide range of enclosures for bathtubs and showers for you to choose from. You can go for the framed or frameless glass shower doors or opt for the heavy glass doors. We are committed to providing world-class services that meet the needs of New Jersey residents accurately. We are not only dependable in the installation process, but we will also enhance the value of your bathroom by making it stylish!

Whether you are looking for the traditional framed and frameless units or the modern heavy glass frameless doors, we are the right provider for you. We can transform your simple bathroom to a high-end bath by making just a few installations.

Custom Shower Door & Bathtub Enclosure Replacement

Do you have a unique design that you would like featured in your bathroom space? If you do, Katarina’s Glass & Shower Doors will help you recreate a creatively luxurious shower in your commercial or residential property. We offer custom bathroom enclosure and shower door replacement services while ensuring we adjust everything to your liking.

We work with highly skilled contractors who will ensure that the correct wall configuration and door or enclosure angling is done.

Beautifully Designed Hardware that Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Katarina’s Shower Doors, Glass & Windows has a wide range of custom shower door and bathroom enclosure designs. Each of them is built creatively for elegance as we aim to make your bathroom gorgeous! As a result, you can go for the sleek glass shower doors to add a sophisticated touch to your space.

Our frameless shower doors come in straight-out flexible designs that will be in your liking. Contact us today and we will create a seamless space where you can relax after a long, busy day!

The Sky’s the Limit When it comes to Customization

At Katarina’s Glass & Shower Doors, we recognize your desire for beauty and luxe designs. This is why we are keen on detail every time you contract us to create your dream bathroom or shower.

We will create a space where you can relax as you seek some privacy or to rejuvenate your body. You can choose your favorite design from our glorious custom C R Laurence glass shower doors and tub enclosures. With it, we will work to create a stunning custom bathroom that will be your private getaway unit!

Our team of experts works hard to create products that will exceed your expectations. Some of our new products include:

  • Custom frameless shower doors
  • Custom semi-frameless shower doors
  • Custom framed shower doors
  • Custom cast glass shower doors
  • Custom standard shower doors
  • Custom tub enclosures

Get in touch with us today to enjoy our foremost services and products that are designed to deliver infinite functionality and unmatched elegance! All our brand new products allow you to enjoy design finish choices that enhances your home’s comfort and aesthetics.

Only the Strongest Product Materials Made to Pass the Test of Time

We deal in a wide range of glass types that are of superior quality. This way, each shower door or bathroom enclosure installed is super durable. Every product material is put through a test of time to ensure that it is strong enough. The hardware finishes that we use are tested for reliability, to ensure each design lasts longer.

We have been installing C.R. Laurence shower door and bathroom enclosure products for several years now. For the longest time now, we have been completing high standard and beautiful projects as we aim to improve your experience with our products and services.

Shower Enclosure to Bathtub Enclosure or Vice-Versa Solutions in New Jersey

If you wish to have either your residential or commercial property enhanced or improved in New Jersey, we are your preferred choice. We install, repair, and replace shower doors and bathroom enclosures as per your needs.

Katarina’s Shower Doors, Glass & Windows is your fully licensed and insured custom shower door and bathroom enclosure service provider! Contact us now for a free quote and an experience of a lifetime!